Historical Site

Image courtesy of Dewings Center

Built in 1902, Dewings Center started as a Lutheran church building in a postal code area known as “Dewings Siding”, in LeRoy Township.  In 1947, the building was moved, by truck and great resolute, to its current location on S. Albert Street in the Village.  

LeRoy’s Lutheran Congregation merged with Tustin in 2015, and a group of former LeRoy congregation members then came together to work to preserve the historic building, with a goal of serving the greater LeRoy area with an Arts and Community Center.  The building was renamed “Dewings Center” in honor of the building’s and congregation’s origins, and to retain historical reference and knowledge of the all but forgotten Dewings Siding.  Dewings Center became official in 2017 when it was incorporated as a non-profit, and thus our current work began! 

With the mission and purpose of providing classes and programs that pertain to prominent issues today, and which are relevant and affordable to families and children in the greater LeRoy area, Dewings Center is your local Rental, Event and Creative Arts and Community Center.  We seek to promote and restore a connected community with events in support of the arts and cultural and social enrichment, outreaches to the greater local area, and spaces to rent for personal and private events and regular gatherings and meetings.


Led and operated solely by volunteers, we are your neighbors, and we hope to see you at one of our community events, and have the honor of renting our spaces to you for your own event or gathering!